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Health and Wellness Practitioners - hEDS & HSD

We have compiled a list of health care professionals and wellness practitioners with an interest in, and who are supportive of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and hypermobility spectrum disorder. In some cases a referral may be required before an appointment can be made. This list will be added to regularly, but is far from  exhaustive.  Additional links to lists available through other websites can be found at the end of this section.


If you would like to have your name included (or removed) please write to us at 

Please note that does not have any financial interest in any of the professionals, clinics or wellness practitioners listed and there are no formal listing criteria, and no warranties, guarantees (express or implied) are made as to the quality of care given or medical advice provided by those in this listing. 

Allergy/Immunology (listed in alphabetical order)

Professor Suranjith Seneviratne DPhil(Oxon), MBBS, MD, MRCP, DPath, MRCPath, FRCP, FRCPath, FCCP

Clinical Immunology, Allergy, Immunogenetics

Clinics in London UK and Colombo Sri Lanka

Alexander technique (listed in alphabetical order):

Julie Barber

Alexander Technique Teacher

Folkestone, Kent, UK

Ann Rodiger

Balance Dance Studio

New York, USA

Laura Tuthall

New York USA 

Breathworks - diaphragmitic breathing to ease chronic pain (listed in alphabetical order)


Elin Morgan

Breathworks Teacher

Birmingham/Worcester/West Midlands (UK)

Chiropractors (listed in alphabetical order)

Sari Botros

Rock Chiropractic Health Centre

Exeter (UK)

Elisabeth Davidson


Aberdeenshire (UK)

Marc Martineau

Exmouth Chiropractic Clinic

Exmouth (UK)

Consultants and Consultant Surgeons (listed in alphabetical order):​

Dr Dianne Bruce

Consultant Cardiologist

BMI The Harbour Hospital

Bournemouth, UK

Jonathan Eldridge - Consultant Knee Surgeon 

Spire Hospital, Bristol

Dr Chris Morley

Consultant Cardiologist - Syncope, PoTS (including patient with HSD/hEDS) From aged 16

Yorkshire, UK

Mr Geoffryey Pye

Consultant Colorectal & General Surgeon

The Waterside Suite, Weston General Hospital


Mr John Seaton

Consultant Gynaecologist - 

Menstrual disorders (menorrhagia); Urodynamics; Urogynaecology; Prolapse surgery; Colposcopy (examination of cervix and vagina)

Spire Hospital

Hythe, UK


Dr Graham Stuart

Cardiologist (Special interest in Marfan syndrome and EDS) 

Spire Hospital Bristol , UK


Please note: Consultant Rheumatologists are listed under Rheumatology (please scroll down)

Chiropractic Neurologists (listed in alphabetical order):​

Dr Kevin Lasko - Areas of specialist interest include: cervical spine Instability, Autonomic Dysfunction , postural orthostatic tacycharida and movement disorders


Dentistry (listed in alphabetical order):

The Dental Barn - Based in East Sussex (UK), the team at the Dental Barn say: 'The best way that EDS patients are treated is with understanding, empathy and good communication with patients, families and dental professionals. If you would like a free coffee and a chat to talk about how we can help you with your EDS and dental treatment just call us on 01323 325397.'


JNT Dental - Based in Richmond Virginia (USA), the team at JNT Dental say: 'We have a large patient base that have hypermobility disorders'. From craniofacial pain, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and sleep apnea management to top-notch dental care, our team at JNT Dental provides you with access to some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatment options available today.

Mitakides -  Based in Dayton, Ohio, the practice say 'Dr. Mitakides is dedicated to complete care for his patients, including treatment of craniofacial pain and TMJ disorder in the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) patient. He is on the international board of The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, and serves on the Medical Board of the international Ehlers-Danlos Society.'

Dermatology (listed in alphabetical order):

Dr Nigel Burrows MD FRCP


Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Gastroenterology (listed in alphabetical order):

Professor Qasim Aziz

Professor of Neurogastroenterology

Gastrointestinal symptoms associated with HSD/EDS and PoTS (From age 16)

Clinics at The Royal London Hospital London and St Bartholomew's Hospital London

General Practitioners (listed in alphabetical order):

Dr Kate Barnes

10 Harley Street




The Grove Medical Practice GP Surgery

81 Danemead Grove, 

Hypnotherapy (listed in alphabetical order):

Kim Claydon Hypnotherapist (and hEDS/HSD Expert Patient)

Positive Solution Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to help you cope better with hEDS/HSD related pain and even reduce it.

Massage Therapy (listed in alphabetical order):

Bristol Massage Therapy - Victoria Armstrong says: 'Like much of my continuous professional development, my introduction to this complex world of hypermobile conditions [and the benefits that massage therapy can provide to people suffering with a hypermobility syndrome] was through a client. A lady in her mid-20s, she has had symptomatic hypermobility syndrome all her life, and has become an expert on her symptoms...' 'Working with this client, I have learnt a lot about hypermobility syndrome and am incredibly grateful for her encouragement, guidance and patience whilst I have been growing as a practitioner.' ' turns out I don’t just have one client with some form of hypermobility, I have several.

Occupational therapy (listed in alphabetical order):

Abi Johnson 

Occupational Therapist,

Brentwood, Essex

Particular interests in coordination, handwriting and anxiety.



Jo Southall  Occupational Therapist and EDS Expert Patient.

Jo offers a range of services via video chat so you can reach her, as an OT, without the hassle of leaving your home - just 30 minute sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts. Discuss self-management strategies, devise flare-up plans and more. Jo offers a range of services to suit most budgets. Specialist areas are managing long-term conditions, rare disease advocacy, accessibility, travel, outdoors and creative activities.


Individual appointments start at just £20 per 30 minutes.

Jo says:

  • 'Freestyle Appointments - Not sure what you need? Come to me with a specific issue or two and we’ll work to find solutions. Perfect for vague feelings of I’m-sure-it-shouldn’t-be-this-hard. Leave the details to me.

  • Personal Shopping for Daily Living Aids - Aids and adaptations are available for a huge range of activities but the variety available can be overwhelming. Come to me with a list of your challenges and I will assess you and give you an itemised list of recommendations to suit your budget.

  • Corporate Consultation

  • Flare Up Planning

  • Joint Protection Masterclasses

  • Pacing Masterclasses

  • Personal Shopping for Daily Living Aids

  • Sleep Hygiene eClinic

  • Wellbeing in Practice mentoring'


All of Jo's services are available worldwide excluding The USA & Canada.

Orthotics (listed in alphabetical order)

DM Orthotics (offer made to measure dynamic movement orthoses for those with EDS/HSD)

Osteopathy (listed in alphabetical order)

Abi Shrapnell, BSc

Osteopathic Medicine Osteopathy in connective tissue disorders, osteopathy in autonomic dysfunction

Newbury and Wokingham clinics

Essential Osteopathy


Glasgow, UK


Belinda Eyes

Chew Vally Osteopathic and Therapies Practice

01275 333587

Zac Laraman

Sports Osteopath

Gaerwen (North Wales)

Plympton Osteopathic Centre


Pain specialists (listed in alphabetical order)

Richmond Stace

Specialist Pain Physiotherapist & Pain Coach

London and Surrey, UK

Marie Wilson


Complex Pain Management Therapy, Australia
Chronic and Complex Pain

Linda Bluestein MD

Wisconsin Integrative Pain Specialists, USA

Parenting (listed in alphabetical order):

The Wheels on Mum

Danielle Broad -  EDS Expert Patient; parent; wheelchair user, journal content contributor and blogger

shares her parenting tips  - 'Making the parenting world work for us with a newborn, despite disability'.

Read: Newborn phase

Read: Parenting from my wheelchair.

Mothering Matters - assists women with EDS transitioning from work life to motherhood)

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher 

Midwife, infant feeding consultant, active birth teacher and parenting consultant.

Berkshire (UK)

Physiotherapy (listed in alphabetical order):

Alison Bartup Physiotherapy

Stockport, UK

0161 440 8970

Louise Cousins

Ash Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury, UK

Friel (Lorraine) Physiotherapy 

Glasgow, UK

Private appointments at:

Nicole Gipps 

SV Sports Therapy

Clinics in Loughton and Harlow (UK)

Robyn Hickmott


Applecross Physiotherapy, Australia

(clinical interest and expertise in hypermobility syndromes in children and adolescents)

Gavin Kelly

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Cowen House

North Somerset, UK

Andre Le Leu

Dr Patrick Kiely

St Georges Hospital, UK

Bsc(Physiology),BPHTY(Physiotherapy), BESS, EUSSER

Complex pain, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Complex Instability (Upper Limb)

Clinics in London and St Albans

Catherine Nutt

Physiotherapist - Sports medicine, musculoskeletal outpatients

Central Health

The Royal Hospital, UK

Jason Parry

Physiotherapist (hypermobility and complex regional pain syndrome)


Chartered Physiotherapists and business partners, Louise Grant and Anna Higo (née Nelson) own Physiocure®, which operates out of Cookridge Hall Health & Fitness in Leeds, UK.  Anna and Louise attend Hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos courses to update their knowledge on these conditions as they see a fair number of patients with these hEDS and HSD.  In addition, Karen, their pilates instructor has been on a specialist APPI course on how to help hypermobile individuals with pilates exercises. The information gathered has been desalinated to the rest of the Physiocure Team,   via in-service training, in order to the to share this knowledge. Anna's written summary article can be found by clicking here.

Jane Simmonds, DProf, MA, PGDip, BAppSc, BPE, MCSP, MACP, SFHEA Physiotherapy, Hypermobility, EDS, sports and performing arts injuries, chronic fatigue, pain

Platinum Medical Centre

Wellington Hospital, UK

Richmond Stace

Specialist Pain Physiotherapist & Pain Coach

London and Surrey, UK

Dawn Thundow

Body Sym

Ramsgate, UK

Wendy Wagner

Wendy 4 Therapy

Licensed Physical Therapist

Naperville IL  (USA)

Marie Wilson

Chronic and Complex Pain Management, Australia

Pilates (listed in alphabetical order):


Jeannie Di Bon Movement Therapy

Based in London (UK), Jeannie Di Bon offers specialist courses for hypermobility and low back pain plus Integral Movement Method classes for all abilities. Sessions are available in Wimbledon, SW London and Central London. 

Through her own personal experiences of living with EDS, in addition to working closely with clients with hypermobility and EDS, Jeannie has created an online course to help patients develop a strong, stable body in a healthy, safe way.

Jeannie's blog (including articles such as ' EDS and exercise - not the opposites you'd think'') can be found here.

Jeannies's talk 'Strengthening your hypermobile core with Pilates', presented at the Ehlers-Danlos Symposium in Ghent (2018), can be found by clicking here

Suzanne Martin

Pilates Instructor Trainer

Scoliosis, The Foot, Hypermobility, Assymetry 

Lameda, California, USA

Podiatry (listed in alphabetical order):

Dawn Shailer BScPod, MaDipSW


Hypermobility syndromes, Aspergers, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy

Clinic in Eastboune, UK

The London Podiatry Centre UK

Advanced dedicated podiatric gait analysis facilities

Prolotherapy (listed in alphabetical order)

Caring Medical (USA)

Clinics in Illinois and Florida

Gloria Tucker, MD
Prolothera/Regnerative Therapy (HEDS/EDS)
California, USA


Ring Splints (listed in alphabetical order):

Ring splints by Zomile - create very affordable, contemporary, solid silver ring splints for those in need of finger and thumb stabilisation


Dr Philip Bull 

Consultant Rheumatologist

One Healthcare

Kent, UK

Prof. Rodney Grahame and Prof. Ian Chikanza

The International Arthritis & Hypermobility Centre (IAHC) - Adults

The Harley Street Clinic

16 Devonshire Street,

London W1G 7AF. or contact The Practice Manager at or by telephone on +44(0)7444 101 381.

Prof. Rodney Grahame and Prof. Ian Chikanza

The International Arthritis & Hypermobility Centre (IAHC) - Children

The Harley Street Clinic

84 Harley Street,

London W1G 7HW. or contact The Practice Manager at or by telephone on +44(0)7444 101 381.

Alan Hakim MA FRCP  (NB/ Currently on a 12 month sabbatical)

Rheumatology, General Medicine

The London Hypermobility Unit, UK

Dr Hana Kazkaz

The Hypermobility Clinic, Department of Rheumatology

University College London, UK

Dr Patrick Kiely


St Georges Hospital, UK

Dr Peter Lanyon

Rheumatlogist Nottingham, UK

Dr Gayatri Mittal MD, PhD, MRCP


Clinics at Stanmore Hospital, Wellington Hospital, The London Clinic, UK


Sleep Clinics (listed in alphabetical order):

The Sleep Service (appointments by medical practitioner referral or 'Choose and Book' only)

Sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome, snoring etc.,

Liverpool (UK)

Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Pebble Send Support

Macon Court, Crew, CWI, United Kingdom

07849 072762

Special Needs Jungle​

Upright MRI Centre

Medserena Upright MRI Centre  

London, UK

Medserena Upright MRI Centre

Manchester, UK

Further list sources:​

Further lists of HSD/hEDS friendly health care professionals can be found from the sites below (listed in alphabetical order):

A list of health care professionals around the globe is available from the Ehlers Danlos Society:

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