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Authors - books and printable materials (listed in alphabetical order):

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Managing Ehlers-Danlos (Type III) – Hypermobility Syndrome

by Isobel Knight 2013

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Bending without Breaking - Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type

by Isobel Knight, (2nd Edition) Revised 2015

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BrOKen: Living With EDS and Other Chronic Conditions

​by Marcia Brock and Cassandra Campbell

An inspirational tale of living with chonic illness

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edited by Diana Jovin

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‘Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome during pregnancy, birth and beyond’ 
by Pearce G. Reinhold E. and Prezaro
Downloadable PDF (which has had more than 10,000 downloads by midwifery and medical professionals) can be found here: 

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Hypermobility and Hypermobility Syndrome -

A letter to my patients by Dr Alan Pocinki MD

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Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, 1e

by Hakim, Keer and Grahame, 2010

Published by Churchill Livingstone

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Hypermobility Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management for Physiotherapists 

by Rosemary J. Keer & Rodney Grahame. 

Published by Butterworth Heinemann

Hypermobility Without Tears

by Jeannie Di Bon

Published independently

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Joint Hypermobility Handbook 2010 (2nd edition)

by Dr. Brad Tinkle

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Magnesium and EDS Parts 1 & 2

by Dr Heidi Collins

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Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity

by Afrin, L. MD 2016

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Our Stories of Strength: Living With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 

by Reutlinger, Myles, Francomano et al, 

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Pilates Without Tears: The 5-step no pain, no strain strategy to move and feel great

by Jeannie Di Bon, 2016

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Stickman Communications

by Hannah Ensor

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A light hearted view aimed at predominately at children. Titles include:


  • You know you have Hypermobility syndrome / Ehlers-Danlos syndrome when...

  • You know you have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome When...

  • You know you have been in hospital too much when...

  • You know you have been pushing it when...

Understanding hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and hypermobility spectrum disorder - previously known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome hypermobility type, and joint hypermobility syndrome

by Claire Smith 2017

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